Eat, Drink, Sleep and B...
...B who you want To Be!!!

Looking back at the time when you took the initial steps on the direction of your job career, we remember your passion and that twinkle in your eyes. Now that dream has become true and you still have that twinkle.

Try to imagine a young boy watching an adventure film: wandering knights, brave pilgrims or dust-covered cow boys, characters that set out on long and dangerous journeys to find themselves or tempting the fate on lonely prairies. All of them had one thing in common: the desire to find, on their way, a quiet place to rest their weary bones. And then, there it was ….in a landscape with wide sunlit horizons or appearing from a distance as a shelter in the dark or in the stormy night: the GUEST-HOUSE… and its lights showing them the way to the door. They could get in and feel at HOME.

Those simple moments always involved you, and even if you were young, your thoughts and ideas were veyr clear: you wanted to be able to bring joy to other people.

Now you're grown up and those feelings have grown up with you, enthusiasm and determination helped your dream to become true. Your landscapes are the hills with their soft curves and the great mount of the Manzoni novel showing you your way. In your land you feel again at home, stronger than before, with new enthusiasm, ready to welcome who will be your guest and to let them feel the same peaceful and light atmosphere.

So, for us, you really believed in your dream: Foresteria Amata Valgre, welcome home!